How to Unlock Toastie – Vampire Survivors Guide

How to Unlock Toastie – Vampire Survivors Guide

Toastie is a playable character in Vampire Survivors that can only be unlocked by completing a secret sequence of objectives. But before you can add Toastie to

Unlocking Toastie – Vampire Survivors

Finally unlocked Toastie after many hours of grinding the first 3 seconds

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UPDATE! Super Easy And Lazy Gyorunton Full Unlock Guide in Vampire Survivors

Today I show you a very easy method to unlock the new character Gyorunton, who requires you to finish the new Boss Challenge stage with only a single weapon.
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Vampire Survivors, Unlock Toastie & Leda Full Guide, Secret Characters

Haven’t unlock Toastie & Leda the 2 new Secret Characters? Here’s a Full Guide video for you!

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