Points Of Interest – Inner Inquest Complex – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Points Of Interest – Inner Inquest Complex – Guild Wars 2 Guide

To get to this Waypoint, you must first go to Transfer Gate (private) waypoint on the NW corner of the map. There is an Asura Gate there that will port you to

Guild Wars 2 Points of interest on Inquest Outer Complex in Metrica Province

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If you have problem with other vista/ point of interest leave comment. I will try to find the way

[TH] Guild Wars 2 – Inner Inquest Complex (Point of Interest @Metrica Province)

วิดีโอนี้ผมจะพาไปดูวิะ๊การไปหา POI Inner Inquest Complex ที่มุมหัวขวามือของแมฟ Metrica Province นะครับ

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GW2 – Metrica Province, PoI northeast of the map – Inner Inquest Complex Point of Interest

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Just doing map exploration inMetrica Province!
This is Inner Inquest Complex point of interest [ &BD0AAAA=], northeast of the map. Look for Transfer Gate (Private) PoI [ &BD4AAAA=] on the west side of the map. Go through the portal there.


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