Weapons FAQ

Weapons FAQ

Grand Theft Auto IV



Since i’m working on my combat covette i desisted to have a look at the weapons in elite dangerous. And i though som of you might like it as well

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Engineer Weapons Tier List

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: The Ultimate Weapons Guide

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Within the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, each character has an interesting assortment of weapons to choose from. And while they may seem similar, or there are distinct differences between say, the Buster Sword and the Twin Stinger.

Whether you’re looking to improve their performance on Hard Mode or perhaps are playing it for the first time and want some advice… we hope this Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapons Guide will help you navigate the weapons upgrade system and up your game.


1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Buster Sword
2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Twin Stinger
3. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Purple Pain
4. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Weapons Guide
5. Final Fantasy 7 Remake EKG Cannon
6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mythril Rod
7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Combat Tips


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